Thursday, July 7, 2011

Announcing the Only Fast that will Truly Change Your Life

(Would love to see an opera here some time soon; they are all done in English!)

(Note: I eat gluten free because I have to or my brain does not work. Quite literally. This post is not about real, serious food allergies.)

Sometimes I eat chocolate for breakfast. You read that right. Don't go all Food Police on me, either, because I Do. Not. Care.

Yep, I am sticking my tongue out at you Food Police out there.

I am being a little silly but also very serious, and I am pretty mad right now about all of this.

Many of us (most of us?) have had problems with disordered eating, and so many of us have worked really hard to create better relationships to our eating, to food, to what should be a sensual and beautiful part of our lives -- meals and friends and wine and chat and all that surrounds taking in sustenance.

How we put food into our bodies, how we think about food is about as important as the food itself, and some would assert (and I would agree) that it is more important than the food itself.

So when I read a blog that presents itself as woman and body positive that then challenges its readers to food "fasts" of any kind, I get downright pissed off.

How dare they?

We do not need any more rules!  Rules are what got us into trouble to begin with:

Rules about what "pretty" is.

Rules about what "fit" is.

Rules about what "good" food is.

Rules about how much "exercise" you "should" get.

Rules about "burning off" celebration related calories. (UGH!)

Rules, rules, rules...I AM SICK TO DEATH OF RULES.

Here is the one rule you need: Love your body and give her what she asks for.


If she wants chocolate for breakfast now and again, so what?!  Maybe there is a deeper reason than our small brains can ever fathom.

Rules are all about control and control is about fear. When you come up against a rule that you've not noticed before, the key question to ask is: What am I afraid will happen without this rule?

And here is a Fast, I would love to see more of us participate in and I would love to hear how you plan on following the Fast.

I officially declare now and forever to be:

The Most Auspicious &
Totally Rad Fast from RULES!

Step One: Stick your tongue out at all those people out there who would have you CONTROLLING yourself rather than LOVING yourself.

Step Two: Do what you like.

Step Three: Have fun and ENJOY LIFE!

That's it.  It's that simple.  Will you join me?


rebecca said...

Yeah!! Well said.

I began this year by tossing out my self-improvement todolists and joke that I'm starting from perfect.

But am I joking? After all,think about it, how well do we treat things that we don't like very much, hmmm?

It all starts with learning to love ourselves - our wonderful, beautiful, imperfect selves. This year I determined to "Treat My Body As A Temple" and find this approach, of thinking of my body as sacred and treating it accordingly, works better than any restrictive controling rules ever did.

So thhhppppht! to rules that fear creates to convince us we would be enough 'if only'.

And potato chips make a great breakfast :).

Brenda said...

This post makes my head and heart smile from ear to ear.
YES, I will join you!
hmm...I have not had breakfast yet...I am looking for some chocolate...with maybe a little peanut butter and some fresh strawberry on the side...

Patty. said...

Yes, Yes, Yes. These are my thoughts exactly. I have been preaching what you have written and I have been unsuccessful in finding anyone who feels the same. I don't believe the world will come to an end if you eat or drink something "they" say you shouldn't. Everything in moderation, it is all here for us to enjoy, life is meant to be joyous, why are we made to feel wrong if we act accordingly. I like Rebecca's statement about starting from perfect, because we are all perfect in each of our own ways..and yes chips washed down with a coke is an ideal meal!
Thank you Christine for putting it so well into words.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy this. However, I know what my body wants is different than what my mind wants.. you know? My mind is pretty destructive and will ask for things that honestly make me feel not so good- but give me instant gratification (like overeating potato salad, a lot of cheesy greasy things) . afterwards ugh, i do not feel physically good. its such a fine line you know? Loving yourself, breaking down rules, and really beginning to listen to your body, as a temple, but not one we have to control, one we should listen to, and water with beautiful water, to make the flowers grow. I think it IS really good to not feel BAD or guilty about anything you eat.. i think that should be definitely done away with... Its just about... how does this make me feel?

Christine Claire Reed said...

Anonymous, I think you hit the nail on the head, actually. Breaking down rules is about, first of all, telling Head to SHUSH! Head gets in the WAY, but second, and more importantly, listening to ALL the signals from your body -- from the initial impulse to overeat the cheesy greasy stuff to the messages you receive after the fact. :) Eventually body figures this out...if something truly makes you feel ICK, body stops (EVENTUALLY) asking for it. But this can take time and in the meantime, NO JUDGMENTS! Just moving on...

Anonymous said...

Right on Christine :)