Monday, July 25, 2011

Before Leaving to Do Something BIG, I Did Something BIGGER!

As you read this, I am sitting or moving in a classroom at Kripalu, studying the use of movement, play, and rhythm to treat and heal the effects of trauma.

Those notebooks are for this trip, because glitter helps me to remember not to take things so seriously and to have some freaking fun here and there, if only when petting said glitter notebooks -- they have the feel of a banana seat from our 1970s you remember?

Before I left for this trip, I did something really BIG. HUGE! 

Breakthrough level!

I filmed my first little Kundalini yoga video. It's private and only meant for my local, IRL students, but I was so damn pleased with it in so many ways that now I know I have opened the floodgates.

(Which just makes me think of "RELEASE THE RIVER!" and if you know what that refers to, you get a glitter star for geeks!)

I'll write, as usual, while away, but there won't be any photos as I will be working from my iPad and don't feel like fiddling with all of that.  So enjoy the glitter.  Even if you can't pet it. (And you know you want to.)


Emma said...

Very exciting video news!

Ruby said...

Sounds wonderful - where can we watch your video? I would sooo love to see it. You're doing great, girl. Have fun with learning and time away from home!