Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dreamboards are Not for Sissies

A Freshly Pimped Back Area at the Lilypad

I adore a lot of people out there who utilize the dreamboard as a tool. I didn't get it. I just saw a lot of cut up magazines and wasted time.  Had I ever tried a dreamboard? Why, no, but that can be the way I am -- with my wonderfully uninformed opinions and my overall tendency toward, well, stubbornosity.  ((snort at self inserted here))

Just about two weeks ago, I was reading over at Jamie Ridler (one such lovely and adored person who frequently preaches the efficacy of dreamboards), and she had posted a podcast with a life coach offering a free workbook.  (And here comes some of that stubborn uninformed stuff again...)

I thought, Oh, wow...another workbook...

But I clicked over to check it out (proving that, though I am stubborn and pig headed and all sorts of other things, I am predominantly optimistic and full of hope).

First, it had good eye candy, and since I am a crow, that caught me enough to get me to download it.

Also, I was recently realizing that I was floating way too damn much and my ambitions are much bigger than floating allows for.

I decided since I had discovered my severe case of Floating-itis that I would finish the workbook. Period. I would also go one step further and take it seriously.

In one section, you are creating a visual representative of a metaphorical space that is what you want your work life (or any other part of you life) to look like.  The author does this with paints, but I am also impatient (look at all my wonderful qualities!), so I decided I would look for photos online and create my space in a collage sort of way.

Otherwise, I would make a dreamboard!

I learned some stunning things by the time I was finished with said dreamboard.

For instance, I learned that the thing I wanted to be the center of all my other creative efforts was receiving none of my time.  Like, zero.  Zilch.  Nada.  Big black hole of nothingness.  So much nothingness that it was sucking in more nothingness.

You get the idea.

I thought, Okay, well, that is interesting.  I will try to work on that.

"I will try to work on that" is basically the mantra of the Already Given Up.

I did not know, though, that dreamboards, as the wise Jamie Ridler asserts (and so do many others), hold magical powers.

I hung mine in my writing space so I see it every time I sit here to write to you, dear reader.

And suddenly...

(Ah...the mark of a truly brilliant writer who excels at transitions, the "And suddenly...")

Suddenly?  Because it really does feel like suddenly?!  I am doing that thing at the center. I had major big time giant crazy-huge breakthroughs with that thing.

And then what happened?

Well, then what happened was that breakthrough exploded and bits of it landed all over the freaking place and now I understand more about all of the aspects of my work than I thought I ever would.

And the ideas!  Oh, my, the ideas!  I am no longer a black hole but a big bang of beginnings.  And thanks to Gunsinger's (there it is!) workbook, I also have the tools to work toward all of this.

P.S. By the way, I am in no way affiliated with or getting anything from Gunsinger. I am just totally geeked that her little FREE product has changed my freaking life!!


Emmanuelle said...

Ah yes I love doing the Full Moon Dreamboards, LOVE them!
And the podcasts, such an inspiration!
I also downloaded the workbook but haven't worked on it yet, maybe that would be a good idea :)

Jamie Ridler said...

I'm so glad that the dreamboards and the workbook beamed their way into your life and started some magic happening! Yay!!

Cynthia Gunsinger said...

This post is so lovely and honest. AND we are thrilled to have more visual learning-thinking-planning peeps come over to the colourful side! ;)
Can't wait to see all of the cool things that will start happening as a result. xo