Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Dosha is on FIRE!

That picture of Daisy is pretty much what I feel like in this heat we've been having.  I am definitely dreaming of winter at this point.

On Sunday, I leave for Kripalu for a week of study and there is no air conditioning in that giant, brick, sitting on a hill in full sun monastery.  Sigh.

I may have to sop myself up and put myself in a bucket to come home.

My pitta dosha is not happy.

When I say that, do you know what I mean?  In Ayurvedic medicine (the traditional medicine system of India), there are three primary types. Do you know yours?  Go here for a good quiz and lots of information.

It can be interesting.

Of course, this system was developed in India -- talk about HEAT -- and it was developed with the Indian body in mind, so take the advice with a grain of salt...keep in mind that if you are of European descent, you most likely have some different needs.

And if you are suffering from the heat, be smart and observe the cats; they totally know how to handle it.

What I would love to hear from you:

Do you know your dosha?

Did you find out anything interesting by taking the quiz?

Is this stuff accurate for you?

Do you have healing systems from other parts of the world that you find particularly helpful?


Julie M said...

I am a Kapha Body with a Pitta Mind. I seem to get the most imbalanced during the cold, wet winters. Which is probably why I was drinking Chai tea every chance I got from Oct-April. I have found that the Ayurvedic medicine does "fit" with many of the things I experience, although I don't practice the balancing activities as much as I should.
I don't have other healing systems I use, but did recently come to realize I am what is termed a "Highly Sensitive Person" or Sensory Processing Sensitivity (scientific term). Understanding that my nervous system reacts differently than 80% of the population has made me realize that alot of what I though was "wrong" with me is just different. It was eye-opening and healing at the same time. I am still getting a grip on how to work with this difference and not unbalance myself by trying to make this trait fit into the "normal" box.

Christine Claire Reed said...

Julie, much of the struggling I have done in my life is also about sensory processing sensitivity and only recently have I realized the depths of this issue, and thus my post about self-care 2.0 and scheduling my life in a radically different way to respect those differences. :)