Friday, July 15, 2011

Saturation Point Reached

I am having one of those weeks when I am processing and learning a lot of stuff about my own self.  It's good, productive stuff going on inside this animal.  For example, I finally have figured out some ways to get my brain onto paper. To get my ideas somewhere where they are being held but I don't have to actively hold onto them.  Which gets brain tiring, really.

I am learning more and more about how this particular animal works.  It did not come with any kind of manual, which is annoying but, I guess, adds to the adventure.

In the meantime, when I am having learning jumps like this, the internet becomes extremely annoying to me. It all feels like empty argument and competition.

Yogis bitching about who is "really" a yogi.

Lots of people seeing nothing but negative all around them, including both ends of the political spectrum.

Lots of Shouty Mc-shoutowitzes all thinking they are right or better or smarter about something.  LOUD!

Bloggers making nothing of substance but talkin' a whole lot about how they can help you make something of substance (if you pay them, of course). What?!

So I am writing this ahead of publishing time and taking a few days to read, relax, and create, as opposed to fight, claw, and destroy.

What do you do when you feel saturated? (Besides threaten to tear down every single piece of your personal on-line landscape...which is just a demonstration of my propensity for drama.)


kazari said...

Go bush.
Turn off the computer.
Walk away.
Pack two days worth of clothes, a tent, a sleeping bag, some munchies for the road... and walk away.
I always find when I get back its easier to see which online conversations are worth joining, and which are just noise...

Patty said...

I don't watch the news anymore since 9-11 happen. During that time when all that was what was on I could no longer absord what was being shown. To this day it all affects me so deeply that I can no longer handle what is on the news. Most of the time I don't know what is going on in the world and that is the way I like it. No matter what an individual does to try to correct the wrong, the madness in the world is not going to end, so I prefer not to know how horrible people can be to each other. I believe that there is goodness in the world and if I listen to all the bad that never ends, how can it not change my opinion about basic goodness of people. When I am feeling over saturated by the negative stuff of life I usually sit on my porch with one of my art magazines and just watch the world go by until I feel inspired enough to be creative again. I haven't been able to rely on too many people through out my life but I have notice through out it all the one consistent thing I have had to heal my soul is being creative. When things have been at their worst for me and I have stopped doing my art, I don't notice it at first but when I start to heal I start to create again. That ability is the one thing that has never left me. I think I would change my whole life around in order to not loose that. It is what gives purpose and meaning to my life!

Anonymous said...

i decompress by just laying or sitting. and listening to stillness. my mind wonders and i go back to stillness. it is such a profound shift, i try to do it everyday