Monday, July 11, 2011

Wastin' Our Time with All This Perfectionism Crap

I love the lighting in this photo. I love the framing. I love my neck and my back and the way the tutu sticks out, riding a bit away from me thanks to my strong and slightly-round dancer butt.

There is a lot I love in this photo.

Yet I almost could not bring myself to share it, because of my still-insistent perfectionism that whispered in my ear with her acidic, nasty, cutting voice: " think you've come a long way, but look at your upper arms..."

Well, we wouldn't want to fall too deeply in love with ourselves, now would we?

We wouldn't want to just accept our innate perfect beauty that is a physical manifestation of the Infinite in the flesh and blood now.

No. That would mean we would have tons of energy for other things. We would just move from this place of knowing that we simply deserve to be here by virtue of our existence.  We might actually then tap into the potential power that we are as conduits for all that is and will be.

No. If we accepted and loved ourselves totally unconditionally, holding nothing back, we might then radiate that love out toward everyone who comes into contact with us.

We might change the freaking world.

It is much easier to listen to Miss Nasty and hate our arms.

What I want to hear from you:

No need to reassure me about my arms; that is not the point here. This is just a story to illustrate a larger point.

Instead I would love to hear how you are loving yourself more.

What are you doing to radiate your beauty and love into the world?

If you weren't wasting your time being mean to yourself, what do you imagine you could accomplish?


kazari said...

So timely.
i'm building a collection of stories : )
i procrastinated for a long time about putting myself out there, and asking, but now i'm doing it and it's FUN.

Kristin said...

It's been wonderful to be able to see your journey progress and how you're encouraging others to love themselves as you do the same.

I'm loving myself by not letting myself be hurt by people who aren't supportive of dreams that are different. And doing a 1000 mile trek to encourage others that they don't deserve to be hurt either.

LauraX said...

writing, reading, listening, being more fully present to everyone and everything...this is how I am shining into the world...LOVE your photo too!!!!

Marie said...

I so relate to your post. I have struggled with my body image since I was a young girl. I work out, eat very healthy, yet I can still always find something wrong with my body. I am slowly learning that my issues with my physical body are compelety related to my inner self. It has taken me a long time to come to that place. I love myself more through meditation, prayer and being completely aware of my thoughts and how they relate to my body image. Then I affirm to myself that I am not my thoughts. I am beautiful from the inside out, not the outside in. I surround myself with positive and loving people.

sui ~ cynosure said...

I love this post. you are so right :)

Allysa said...

When I saw the picture I thought it looked like you were ready to go on an adventure. Anyway. About a year ago I looked at my self and my clothing choices, I was wearing things that I didn't like, and didn't fit well. So I decided I would start wearing clothes I really liked that fit well regardless of the 'rules' that I should be following based on my size. So now I have lots of bright colours because I'm not following the rules and shying away from standing out.