Friday, August 5, 2011

Choose Your Side Well

If I were one of those fear-mongering, apocalyptic types (whether disguised as "religion" or "politics" or "news"), I could certainly come up with a list of reasons to be afraid of life right now.

But I refuse to give into them.

Life can always seem scary. Every generation has its trials and difficulties. We are just way more informed now (and I assert way too informed, for that matter).

Every generation also has its victories and its beauty and its truth and its spirit and its faith and its love.

Which do you choose?

Which side are you on?

Which monsters or angels are you feeding?

What are you contributing?


Vibe said...

Those fear mongers piss me off. They are so sure of themselves, and the fear is both contagious and devastating. I choose the fear-free side.

Spirited! said...

There's only ever one choice: Love or fear.

Suzanne said...

Well, working in law enforcement you can imagine what I see on a daily basis.......that being said.......I CHOOSE to look at the bright side of EVERYTHING. I dont take my work home with me and I live in the moment.....every moment.