Thursday, August 18, 2011

Discussing Chronic Grief & Healing Over at Svasti

A while ago, the wonderful Svasti asked me to be a part of her interview series, Chronic Yogi, about yoga teachers who suffer from chronic illnesses of all sorts.

Since she asked me, I have been thinking about this idea of "diagnosis" and how exactly I would label what I suffered from and finally, in the last couple of years, overcome.

I started answering her questions before I knew.  Her questions were very thought provoking and I ended up sort of, well, vomiting copious amounts of words!  Poor Svasti!

But I think it turned out to be my best interview ever, where I really articulate this journey.

And I did finally come up with my "label:"  Chronic Grief.

Go here to read.  And be sure you have a few minutes, because it's, umm..., a little long.


svasti said...

It's a wonderful interview! One that's already striking a chord with readers :)

Thank you again for agreeing to be part of this series!

Brooks Hall said...

Thanks for your beautiful answers an insights in the interview, Christine! I love this:
"…to maintain curiosity about their internal lives (which is essential for healing) after a childhood like this is the sign of an extraordinary intelligence."

And I think that it's the only option that includes sanity.
Best to you!

Christine Claire Reed said...

Brooks, yes, but Bessel would say (and I would agree) that it's not really an "option," as that implies choice. Intelligences are often beyond choice, and this one in particular is a gift and who the hell knows WHY one person gets it and another doesn't...

Marisa said...

Time is not on my side at the moment, but I just wanted to reach out to you as a sister who resonates with the simple honesty of "chronic grief." As I walk on through this year+ that has been full of so much death and so many passages, even as I navigate the explosion of life that is a toddler and a new business, I finally asked: where's the FUN? And then I realized, there is a cloud on the horizon 24-7, and until that is met and recognized and loved into nurturing raindrops that will dispel some of the sadness, fun is not exactly easily accessible. Sending love and hugs and wanting to know that I always have a BlissChick corner in my heart, Marisa