Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Going Home Again

Sunday morning at a friend's

They say you can't go home again, but I think there are different ways to think about this concept that make it untrue.

This past weekend, I went on a very short trip into Ohio to visit with a person who has known me since fourth grade.

As I drove south, I had this feeling that I was driving into the past, and it didn't feel good. It felt creepy. It made me anxious. I wondered what the hell I thought I was doing.

But then the second that my friend and I started talking, I realized that I had kinda sorta driven into my past but into a really wonderful part of it.  This was a part of my past that had helped me to make it to my present.  Though my friend was my own age, she was someone (like my great aunt) who had witnessed me.  She saw the real me and she encouraged the real me to pursue her dreams.

I did not. I got way off track for a very long time.

Now I am back, and it seems so very fitting that at the time of my life when I have finally gotten around to being the real me that she witnessed, my friend re-entered my life.

She has been asking to see me for a while now...during my process of transformation she has been in the background, and this past weekend, when I told her stories of what felt like new self discoveries, she finally got to say to me, "Well...that is who you have always been."

You can go home again.  You can and must go home to your real self.  Regardless of your age or the time of your life or how stuck you might feel, it is never ever too late and it is imperative that you take this trip.


lisa said...


this is *exactly* what i needed to read today!

huge hugs of love and congratulations to you for this incredible milestone on your journey!

miss miss said...

YES!! Exactly what I needed, too. I am going through divorce. I visited my hometown last month (always hard for me, but I got to see some friends who have loved me for a long time for ME...I also took a small road trip alone to my dad's grave (never done that without my mom & sister with me before) & it was amazing. Healing. I feel that I am finally on a true path to Myself again...After being Off for so long, as well. It is simultaneously hard, hard, hard & exhilerating. I am finding Spirit & Me & it is pretty incredible stuff. Though so painful at times! I am glad I read this this morning. It was perfect. Thank you again, Christine!

Her Speak said...

Beautiful post--I'm glad you enjoyed the journey after all. :)

You have such a lovely blog home!