Monday, August 22, 2011

(Slow) Media Fast Failure...and Back to It

Photo by Marcy/Amusement Park on Our Lake

Last week, right after I wrote the update post about my negative media fast, I fell off the wagon.

It was quite accidental. Someone posted something on facebook that looked rather innocent and I clicked on the link and landed on something that instantly and thoroughly pissed me off.  (It doesn't even matter what it was.)

This sent me into a rapid descent.  In no time whatsoever, I was angry at the WORLD.

This does me no good. This does the world no good.  This anger is not, in any way, productive or justified.

It is anger for anger's sake.  A sort of "entitlement anger."

This happens to the best of us and it is the worst of us.

It does not lead to good deeds or world change or even very localized change, for that matter. It is that sort of anger that lets people THINK they are doing something when they rant on facebook, for example, but in reality, they are just adding to the River of Ugly and Ick.

This anger, otherwise, completely feeds on itself.

There is anger out there that feeds on com/passion and social justice, and it fuels works that need to happen, but most of us do not experience that sort of anger or this world would be very different indeed.

How did I deal with falling off this wagon?

Like any addict, I started over, with day one, with the "next right thing."

Here are some more sites to help replace the negative ones in your life, in case you are feeling the pull of all the nonproductive crap out there:

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