Wednesday, August 17, 2011

(Slow) Media Fast Now

One week and one day.  Eight little days.

I thought it had been much longer since I wrote this post and declared myself on a (Slow) Media Fast.

I am much more of a negative news addict than I thought. I have only been "dry" for eight days. What?!  How is that possible?!

Sigh. I really thought it had been at least a couple of weeks.

I have only been tempted, though, a couple of times.  Thanks to Facebook; I almost just automatically clicked on someone's negative news link.  I caught myself just in time.

If you are attempting to participate in this Fast, how have you been doing?

And have you found any alternatives? Any more happy?

I have!

I think I first stumbled upon Hug Nation many months ago, but still being a negative news junkie, I didn't take it all that seriously.  I mean, COME ON!  HUG NATION!?

Then, just recently, thanks to Google+ actually, I stumbled upon John Halcyon Styn's work again and I am just in love with this guy's videos. (And his hair...and his style...)

I don't listen to a lot of stuff like this. I find it too sugary. My sweet tooth is not that big.

Yet...there is something about Styn's delivery of the material that makes it more like a meal than the typical dessert cart fluff that is floating around out there.

If you haven't yet joined in the negative news fast, what's stopping you?

Join us and see what happens.

One day at a time...

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