Tuesday, August 9, 2011

(Slow) Media Fast

Tuppy & Lilly

I have had enough. My full is beyond filled. My head feels like it is stuffed and close to ex or im-ploding.

Here is the main thing I have learned: that no matter how "informed" I am, it doesn't matter to my life, except that it makes my life more anxious, more fear-based, less joyful.

The "news" does nothing for me but bad things. The "news" makes me sit still and worry, when I could be doing something good for myself and those around me. The "news" makes me make decisions out of fear rather than making choices that are about growth, expansion, learning.

So I am declaring a long-term Negative Media Fast.

I am slowing down and fasting.

I am hoping you will join me.

Stop reading* how terrible everything is and start working in the right here, right now of your life to make everything beautiful and joyful.

(*This includes not just hard news sites but facebook and twitter feeds and blogs that are filled with, what people think, is "essential and informative" or even just their negative attitudes that do nothing but feed the already unhelpful, wider dialogue out there.)

Stop believing that we are going to hell in a hand basket and weave something better in your local, immediate life.

Think outside the Box of Ick.

Part of the issue for me is Morning Routine. I read emails and look at headlines. (I already do not have television in the house and have not watched tv news for many years.)

So I know I need New & Better Morning Routines, and for that reason, I looked for some Positive Happy News sites and found a few to share.

If you know of others, please link in the comments.

But for now:
Positive News (our of the UK)

I am putting these on my toolbar so I can go to them even more easily than "hard news" sites, which I am getting rid of and would have to "search" for.


Brija said...

Fantastic idea. I already do this and it helps immeasurably and the one fear I had that I would turn into an unfeeling, uncaring person indifferent to the world's woes just hasn't happened. I find it's easier to care now and easier to act too because my energy hasn't all just been drained from reading misery.

McCaffery said...

Amen. I don't even have any TV service these days. It wasn't just the terrible sensational news that got me fed up, it was TV commercials as well.

I read from another inspirational blogger who used to work at at a TV station in the news realm, that their motto was, "if it bleeds, it leads." Meaning the more terrible the story was, that was what they wanted to be the lead in to the show. The blogger was also writing about the negativity and sensationalism, and things that prompt one to fear, and how he too, was sick of it.

I don't know if you have heard of this site, but they have a daily inspiration message, www.dailyom.com

Thank you for all the thought provoking and your own inspiration.

Suzanne said...

I REFUSE to watch the news! People ask me "how can you not want to be informed?" Why do I want to read about nothing but others suffering when there is NOTHING I can do about it? All that would do is make ME unhappy and make ME suffer right? I have often thought of taking a break from the internet, texting, and tv for a few days a week. Ill let ya know how that works out. :)

Marji said...

Thank you for the positive news sites. ("Bahamas bans commercial shark fishing!") I was not aware of these. I haven't watched the news in decades, either, or anything with commercials. I did finally start watching some shows on DVD when I realized how much better TV had gotten. As for Facebook, I find that in order to enjoy it I have to be merciless about culling my contacts.

Rachel @ SuburbanYogini said...

I needed to read this. Andy's been trying to get me to stop watching the news for ages and I feel I need to be "informed". But I'm so skeptical as to the information you wonder why I bother!!

I start every day with Lolcats - perfect breakfast accompaniment

Anonymous said...

nice! i remember in the Tao it says "on the path of knowledge, you gain something everyday. on the path of the Tao, you lose something everyday"
i like that idea. of awakening as shedding, and shedding and shedding. (of all the STUFF of who we think we are, all the INFO, etc) just becoming pure hollow wood, for infinite to sound through.

Eco Yogini said...

omgoddess i completely agree. i'm so glad that you wrote this out- i needed someone to voice similar thoughts to feel ok w ignoring all that crap.
i'm with you!

Jacqueline said...

Great post, Christine! I'm not on Facebook (never signed up), and rarely read anyone's tweets, and when I do I realize what a waste of my time it was. www.goodnewsnetwork.org sends out weekly emails with 10 "good news" stories. dailyom.com is great too, McCaffery! And BlissChick is always a great site for something inspiring! It's so great to "be" around like-minded people; other people in my life don't understand this point of view. No one understands that I don't miss being on FB one.single.bit.

WrightStuff said...

OK, so without going into detail, we have had some rough times in the UK this week that caused me to feel disgust with my fellow countrymen, but then the magic happened. The people stood up and said "No. Enough" The people moved and cleared up and prevented and stood together. It's not often that we see such positive from all that negativity. Yet, what do the journalists do? They pick over motive and put words in people's mouths. The best news about the majority is swamped by the negative behaviour of the minority. The journalists try to paint everyone with the same brush.

I am so happy you have raised this issue today. Yes to positive news.

My Mother is always nagging at me to watch the news because "I don't know what's going in the world". If they reported some good stuff occasionally, then maybe I would.

Well spoken.

Karen D said...

Here is another good one I go to.