Monday, September 5, 2011

And So It Begins

It is blurry but I think you can see my excitement. (And it's blurry due to my wiggle-osity not Marcy's photo taking techniques.)

I am sitting in the stairwell that leads up to my new studio.

My. New. Studio.

That graffiti behind me is staying, because I like how wacky and unexpected it is. Also, the artists who did the graffiti in the stairwell are considered to be quite awesome and I respect their art enough not to mess with it.

And so it begins.

At this point, I am making lists lists lists of ideas and strategies. I have been contacted by a few women who, I think, will make great partners in this endeavor, who bring interesting and different.

My studio, you see, is not a yoga studio but a movement studio.  The differentiation is important to me, because I think "yoga studio" brings all sorts of assumptions and expectations with it.  There may be some yoga here but it will only be a fraction of the offerings.

Girl on Fire Movement Studio is a women's space for "passionate play and fearless fitness."

Here we go!


Melita said...

congrats!! such exciting times! i am very proud of all of your accomplishments (although i could see this one coming). :) hugs!!

Lori-Lyn said...

I'm so flippin' excited for you! (& I see a road trip in my future!)

Emma said...

Very exciting! :)

Graciel said...

i could not, could not be more proud of you!!! live. out. loud.


Amelie said...

Congratulations, this is such an amazing step. I absolutely love the name of your studio.

Plus, you look so incredibly radiant in your recent photographs. You can just see happiness and sparkle all around you and that is so lovely.

ellen said...

Congrats Christine! And you do look like you're bursting with pride. :-)

McCaffery said...

Congratulations! You look so happy and even just a glimpse of the graffiti on the stairs shows how special of a space it is.


kazari said...

so exciting!
congratulations :)

Earthdrummer said...

Love how I stumbled upon you, your life, and your fabulously, yummy studio!! How Scrumptious!!

Sandra said...

Love the studio name. Love the graffiti. Your radiance inspires.

svasti said...

Big, HUGE congratulations to you - in the form of gazillions of tiny specs of pink and silver glitter.

It's a wonderful move forward along your path. :)

Patty. said...

I can't wait until you open and I can come play with you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations hardly seems like enough of a word for the occasion! As others have mentioned, you do look so very radiant and happy and excited about the future! Best of luck to you and your Girl on Fire Movement Studio! I know you will do great things!