Monday, September 26, 2011

As Blisschick Comes to an End, True Bliss Blossoms

That little clump of roses is possibly the last of the roses for the year. I went outside yesterday with scissors to cut some flowers to put beside my Our Lady of Guadalupe statue, and I could not bring myself to cut these last few. Everything else was just done, and this made me a bit sad.

"No more flowers for Guady." I said to Marcy as I came inside.

But then, looking toward the park from our kitchen window, even through the window that I can see from here, where I type, I notice hints of red in the leaves of the trees.  A little bright yellow here and there.

I love fall, I remember, and the last of the roses doesn't feel quite so sad. As summer ends, fall begins.

I am going to be launching a new site that is connected to my real-life work more directly. I am excited about this. I have felt...a bit of restriction with blisschick for some time now.

But I am also sad. I have written here for over three years, starting on April 15, 2008 with this post that has within it so much foreshadowing it almost takes my breath away.

I may be announcing the new site as soon as tomorrow, maybe not until Wednesday. Blisschick will stay right here, all the archives accessible, but I will not import it into the new blog.  I want a really fresh, clean slate.

Like the green, muddy earth of Spring.


Emma said...

Congratulations on the upcoming site and on all you created here! Looking forward to what comes next.

Anne-Marie said...

I've been lurking here for some time but decided now was the time to comment :-) I'm delighted with the wonderful things that have been happening in your life recently and I look forward to seeing your new site. Blessings on you!

Eco Yogini said...

congratulations!!! i'm looking forward to NEW! (ps- a New Moon is the perfect timing!!) :)

Danny Lucas said...

I am kinda surprised at this blog closing.
I thought Bliss a part of life at all times.
The blog too!

I thank you for keeping archives open, as there is some marvelous reading to go back to again and again in pages past.
(I never told you but I always reread here at Advent and at Christmas. This will continue annually still).

As for your roses, your blog ending, I immediately recalled a favorite quote:

"God gave us memories that we might have roses in December "
---– J. M. Barrie

The memories of what I have read here, and at places sourced from here, like Marisa at Epiphany Girl (very sadly missed) :-(
will still be amazing fragrances in the remainder of my years....thanks to the gift of memories!

I wish you marvelous success, Christine.
If anyone deserves it, that would be YOU!

God bless you abundantly,
Danny Lucas

Em said...

I just did this myself, except that I even took down my old site. I'm happily where I am, dealing with sad endings and joyful beginnings and feeling as though my blog looks exactly as it should. At least for now!

I'm looking forward to your future bloggy incarnation.