About Kundalini

The KEY to Unsticking Your Stuck & Renewing Your Radiance!

Kundalini Energy Yoga combines kundalini yoga*, hatha yoga, and dance based movement with invigorating breath work and simple chant to awaken stuck energy and make it accessible so that you can experience the joy and exuberance for which you were born. Focusing on creating flexibility in the spine and strength in the core, Kundalini Energy Yoga fully heats the body, thereby decreasing likelihood of injury, both in the studio and in daily life. Kundalini Energy Yoga will not only tone your body but will also liberate you from old, outdated, and unproductive mind sets, setting free your natural passion, creativity, and happiness.

*Kundalini yoga (the basis for Kundalini Energy Yoga) is unlike any yoga you have ever seen or done. This practice is suitable for both beginner and advanced yoga students, since a yoga background is not needed. This will challenge you no matter what you have studied in the past. If you are a student of some of the more "athletic" yogas, you will be surprised at how difficult Kundalini will feel. If you are a beginner yogini or more involved in the spiritual aspects of yoga, this practice will cleanse your mind and create the mind state known as Big Sky.