About Me

On a miscellaneous evening in June of 2009, seven months after turning 40, I innocently attended a friend’s wedding and changed my life forever.

For the previous 15 years, I had been studying a wide array of yoga styles, including Kundalini, my favorite, for the past 8 years, but I had not danced.

At that wedding, I got up and danced and found my joy, my purpose, and my passion again.

Since then I have completely changed my body and found a new profession.

More importantly, dancing has gifted me with a spiritual path to emotional well being.

I now have all the tools I need to combat Complex PTSD, which can appear as depression, anxiety, and an overall fear of living, and I have come to a place where I am able to honor my body.

I am certified to teach YogaDance and I have an intense background in movement, but my greatest credential is my Happiness and Health and my ability to help you find yours.