About YogaDance

Happy, Dancing Feet, dipping in Lake Erie

Do you remember what it felt like to dance to the radio in your bedroom when you were little?

Or to go and sweat until you had no sweat left on a dance floor in college?

Do you remember the feeling of no time, no place, just the here and now?

That feeling does not need to stay in the past.

Don't exercise. Don't punish yourself with push ups and squats and running on a treadmill! To be truly fit on the outside and on the inside, do the thing you have always loved.

Come and dance in a room full of women who are only there to be your witnesses and to support your journey. This is a non-competitive, community-building experience that will feed your soul and tighten your butt.

YogaDance is a full-out Party for your Heart & Soul!

No dance or yoga background required. This practice is for every body and will challenge you as a beginner and as someone who is already fit. That's because this practice is your practice. You get what you need, and you get it while laughing and having a heart-opening time.

Focusing on breath and body awareness, YogaDance gifts us with the strength to (re)inhabit our body’s beauty.

The entire class is set to inspiring and playful music sets. Paying particular attention to warming up the core of the body, we start with a gentle Kundalini Yoga-inspired series and work our way into a combination of led and free-dance.