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You are always welcome to email me directly if you feel uncomfortable leaving a comment or just to say Hi! I like that!

You can email me at pinkyogi at gmail dot com

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On twitter, I am @ChristineCReed

VIDEO INTERVIEW!  A brief interview, in which I talk about my approach to depression and anxiety.

Guest Posts

Here are some things I've written elsewhere on the interwebs:

Fumbling toward Imperfection at Fumbling for Words

My Mojo: Brought to Me by...ABBA! at Owning Pink

Craving Bliss: Discovering Your Unique Set of Tools over at WishStudio

What this Chick Gives Away is about the Creative's attitude toward money over at What are You Giving Away?

Traveling Through Fear: A Yogi Reflects on a Kripalu Retreat
over at Love, Peace, & Yoga.

Interviews with Yours Truly

In June of 2010, I was interviewed for this piece in Out Impact Online Magazine.

Nadine Fawell turned the tables and asked me my own questions right here. (And oh, my! how differently I would answer this now...)

My partner and I were interviewed by DirtyFootprints for this podcast.

Our relationship was the subject of this Love & Photo interview.

I had a fabulous time during this discussion with Jamie Ridler.

Our local blog listing/news site wrote a generous piece about Blisschick.

You can find my partner Marcy's blog right here.